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No, I’m not talking about the movie; I’m talking about frozen treats to help you get through these last steamy days of August. Ugh, it’s so hot. Let’s cool off!

Cold watermelon is always refreshing, but cherry1123 took it one step further by sharing her recipe for watermelon mint sorbet. Mmm, you know that’s nice and cold.

Joyful Abode created a popsicle recipe using coffee and chocolate. She claims it’s addictive, and after reading her recipe, I think she may be right!
When patty_o_furniture makes an ice cream sundae from scratch, she goes all out, including making the edible bowl. Gosh, she even made the sprinkles!
This fresh juice and strawberry popsicle that sweets4ever made is both delicious and healthy. It’s the perfect summer treat.
Ooo, let’s get fancy. How delicious does this peanut butter semifreddo by Ezri_B is topped with a yummy scoop of blackberry sorbet. Mmmm.

Keep it cool during the heat with these tasty frozen treats.

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